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Carbon Is Life

By: Ron House

CARBON IS LIFE is the must-read book for everyone concerned with the environment and the wonderful creatures who share it with us. The writer, a trained scientist, shows why carbon dioxide, far from being “pollution”, is actually the essential basis of life on Earth. The book is written for the intelligent lay reader. It shows, with reference to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific experiments, how more carbon dioxide in the air will feed hundreds of millions of humans and untold numbers of wildlife. This means that, as a society, we are currently setting up taxes on carbon that will force us to do exactly the opposite of what is needed to help the planet and ourselves. These are huge and vitally important claims, the truth of which would require us to completely reverse course on all our ‘climate change’ policies. Accordingly, Carbon Is Life sets out the case in a clear and logical way so that the reader can verify the facts for him- or herself.

What's in the Book...

1 Why is Carbon Life?
Once upon a time kids were taught in school about the carbon cycle, photosynthesis, and all that, but the value of carbon goes beyond that. Literally, life on Earth is impossible without it, and it is near to the lowest level ever in the history of the planet. This chapter tells the key facts about our need for carbon dioxide that "climate change" alarmists try very hard to hide.
2 Is Global Warming the Disaster They Say It Is?
No previous generation of human beings has ever feared warm weather, but today we agonise over, quite literally, fractions of a degree, as countries like Australia introduce a carbon tax that can make two or three thousandths of a degree difference by 2050. This chapter discusses the many scary predictions being used to get converts to the global warming cause, and it exposes the fakery of these governments as they deceive you and misuse your sympathy for wildlife to wreck your standard of living. And this chapter exposes a whole lot more of the nonsense we are fed daily by climate alarmists.
3 Even if Warming Is Bad, Is It Happening?
Yes it is (because we have been climbing out of the Little Ice Age which ended around 1850), but not as much as we are told. We take a look at the special trickery used to frighten us out of our wits about temperatures that would have been considered mild in the medieval warm period or the Roman warm period.
4 Is Carbon Dioxide a Major Cause of Warming?
The embarrassing truth is that carbon dioxide concentrations follow temperature changes, they don't precede them. The catastrophic global warming theory is one of the most debunked theories in history; this chapter summarises the evidence.
5 Lots of Things that Have Been Overlooked
This chapter tells the exciting story of some real science, and what is probably the real cause of major climate shifts.
6 Why Do They Demonise Carbon Dioxide?
No Virginia, it is NOT a "conspiracy"! You don't need tinfoil hat nonsense to understand why this terrible fallacy is being forced upon us.
7 What Is the Real Climate Crisis?
For the past 2.5 million years the planet has been cycling into and out of ice ages, roughly every 100,000 years. Our current interglacial, the holocene, is already more long-lived than most of them. The next item on the planet's cyclic schedule is a rapid descent into the next ice age, which would kill most of the human race - unless we can avert it?
8 The Precautionary Principle
A lot of people agree that the global warming theory seems foolish, but suggest we should do something "just in case". The problem here is that the cure can be worse than the disease. This chapter tells the astonishing history of a previous faulty insurance policy that resulted in forty million deaths and is still ongoing. And the global warming precautions, such as wind turbines, kill tens of millions of animals every year. But what are the precautions that do make sense?
9 Benefits of Carbon Dioxide
We return here to the good stuff: all the many reasons why carbon dioxide is a vital part of the atmosphere, and how industrial CO2 emissions have greened the planet by 6% in less than two decades.
10 Saving Ourselves, Wildlife, and the Planet
So what should we be doing? Don't confuse renewability with climate change for one - they are two entirely different problems and we can work for renewable energy without buying into global warming junk science. This chapter looks at that and a lot more.
11 Amidst the Chaos: Seeds of a Higher Civilisation
Here the author looks to the future and the prospects of sustaining life on Earth for the really long term - the entire future existence of planet Earth. Climate alarmism, the author argues, went off the rails because it was subverted from genuine scientific methods by belief in an ideology. How do we find a vision that can sustain a civilisation without falling victim to beliefs and ideologies that corrupt our best attempts?
A collection of important books, web sites, and people for those who want to investigate for themselves and "see with their own eyes and know of their own knowledge".