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How our store works - and why it is safe

The elephant in (every) store

Some customers have emailed us saying they are wary of making payments on the internet. That's fair enough. Ten years or so back, it was more of a worry than it is now, mainly because a huge amount of work has been done by organisations dedicated to making payments secure. An example from Europe is The European Payment Institutions Federation. Then there's the W3C, the body responsible for web basics like html, which has set up a Web Payments Working Group to make payments easier and more secure on the web.

There is actually a "Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard", which was published by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. This is a body originally set up by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International so that customers like you and me could safely pay online for goods and services.

One company that commits to these standards is PayPal. Therefore, our solution to keeping your payment details absolutely as safe as humanly possible is: Let PayPal do it!

Here's what we do:

On our store:

  • click on the "Add to cart" buttons for the books you want, then
  • go to checkout, enter your address etc. so we know where to post physical products,
  • proceed through the checkout past the screen that shows PayPal as the selected payment option.

At that point you will be transferred to PayPal:

  • Your browser will show paypal.com in the address bar; PayPal will give you the choice of paying with a credit card or from a PayPal account.
  • From this point onwards, you are communicating securely with PayPal; we do not know and cannot find out anything about your financial details because PayPal won't tell us.
  • After you finish at PayPal, click on the "Return to Bunya Grove Press" link.

PayPal returns you to our website:

  • The only thing PayPal tell us is "They paid" or "They did not pay". They never tell us your credit card or PayPal account details, they never tell us your PayPal passwords etc. That's how we like it, your finances are protected by a huge multinational company employing thousands of staff to keep your money safe.
  • If you paid, your ebooks will be immediately available for download; if you ordered printed books, we will package them and send them out to you.
  • If it is your first purchase, the store will make an account for you and email the password to you, so you can look up order details and download your purchased ebooks at any future time.

All this happens on a secure, encrypted connection. Both bunyagrovepress.com and paypal.com will show "https:" in the browser address bar, which means everything is encrypted in transit and so no one up to mischief can learn anything at all about your transaction.

There was a time when I would not buy on the internet, but those days are long past. When done properly, internet payments are more secure than a physical store. In a brick and mortar store, skimmers can walk past and clone your card, others might take a peep at your pin if you enter one, But the kind of internet payment we use at Bunya Grove Press is more like actually going to the bank to make your payment.

It's that safe!


What if my browser doesn't show "https:"?

"Normal" unencrypted websites show "http:". Secure websites with encrypted traffic show "https:". If you see neither "http:" nor "https:", chances are your browser is hiding them to be "helpful" and to not "confuse" people. These browsers often fall back on picture talk: maybe show a little padlock image or something. If you see a padlock, all is well.

Something went wrong

Not to worry. Send us an email from our contact page. We can check manually that your payment was made, and fix up your order for you.