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150 pages, 131 colour images

An invaluable quick start guide on how to communicate with backyard birds to enhance mutual understanding and friendship. Over 100 colour images. Take your love for birds much further than just watching and admiring them from a distance. Learn how to communicate with them in your own language and expand your community and connection with these amazing creatures around you.

140 pages, 102 colour images

How well do you know the birds that live around your house? A group of birds could be members of a family, or a community of carers, a flock, or a gang of singles. Can you tell which one is the leader or which one is the father, mother, the brother or the sister? Do you know which kid has come for a sleep-over and which one is being wooed? Which is the bird that has just chased off a predator like the cat, or hawk, or snake or even an eagle. How do they help each other stay safe? Birds are some of the most fascinating social creatures that live in the wild around our homes, no matter where we live. Whether you live in an apartment in the city, or have a house in the suburbs or in the countryside, you can enjoy a connection with nature.

CARBON IS LIFE is the must-read book for everyone concerned with the environment and the wonderful creatures who share it with us. The writer, a trained scientist, shows why carbon dioxide, far from being “pollution”, is actually the essential basis of life on Earth. The book is written for the intelligent lay reader. It shows, with reference to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific experiments, how more carbon dioxide in the air will feed hundreds of millions of humans and untold numbers of wildlife. This means that, as a society, we are currently setting up taxes on carbon that will force us to do exactly the opposite of what is needed to help the planet and ourselves. These are huge and vitally important claims, the truth of which would require us to completely reverse course on all our ‘climate change’ policies. Accordingly, Carbon Is Life sets out the case in a clear and logical way so that the reader can verify the facts for him- or herself.

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